Erin Merryn receives "Service Above Self" Award from Schaumburg A.M. Rotary president Greg Ring  



Club president Greg Ring presented Schaumburg A.M. Rotary’s “Service Above Self” Award to Schaumburg resident Erin Merryn at its June 19 meeting citing her “courage, passion, dedication and nationwide efforts to inform, empower, and educate children about child sexual abuse” and dedicating her life to this cause.


Merryn is a child abuse survivor turned advocate, now working tirelessly to heighten awareness of this silent epidemic that continues to be a serious problem in the United States. Starting in 2010, Merryn launched a nationwide campaign to pass “Erin’s Law” in all 50 states that would mandate a sexual abuse prevention curriculum in elementary schools.  The law has successfully passed in 8 states, including Illinois during 2011, and has been introduced in 11 more.  Merryn travels extensively across America speaking to a wide variety of audiences in addition to testifying before state government officials about her child abuse experience and her desire to protect children from having similar experiences.


Merryn is an accomplished author of three books on the topic and has been interviewed by a variety of major news organizations and appeared on high profile TV talk shows hosted by well known celebrities.  In 2012 “Glamour” magazine presented Merryn a “Woman of the Year” award acknowledging her activist role and trailblazing activities focused on preventing child sexual abuse and supporting those who have been victimized by it.  To learn more about Erin’s Law visit