Sep 18, 2019
Mike Lauesen
Getting off the Treadmill: Escaping the Race to Nowhere

Mike will be practicing his TED talk with us on Wednesday morning!

Mike Lauesen calls himself a recovering CPA and computer salesman who cofounded his own chemical coating company (Nicoat) at the age of twenty-eight.
After building the enterprise into a multi-million dollar international company, he exited as founder/CEO and started a new career as a professional speaker and life coach. He enjoys his family, cycling, travel, and is a fanatical Chicago Cubs fan.
In April 2017 Mike released his first book, Getting off the Treadmill: Escaping the
Race to Nowhere. Mike is a Competent Toastmaster (International Speaking
Association) and coaches/ mentors business leaders or anyone who is a ready student. He is passionate, entertaining, and motivates audience members to take immediate and meaningful action steps at work and in our personal lives.