Aug 21, 2019
Club Meeting - Speaker Jerry Evans, DTM
Three Keys to Transforming Your Communication

The Three Keys to Transforming Your Communication
When we think about how to become a better communicator, we often think about the tools we use: our PowerPoint deck, our posture and our poise. And these are crucial. But the real key to sustained, long-term improvement and success as a communicator might surprise you, in part because they are simple, easy to implement and available to everyone. 
Attitude (positive and proactive) 
Commitment (total and persistent) 
Training (thorough and long term) 
Now you have the right attitude, commitment and training --what next? 
In this session you will learn four major skill sets to improve communication: 
* Assess: Analyze honestly your own skill and the challenge in front of you. 
* Message: Craft a clear, persuasive and compelling argument. 
* Document: Support that message with slides or other supplementary media. 
* Deliver: Present your message with confidence and clarity.